1. Business information
OrdSelskabet is the organisation behind the festival, VAT nr. 41666161 (Danish Central Business Register).

2. Prices and payment:
All fares include Danish VAT and purchase fee. When purchasing tickets, the customer accepts these terms of service and conditions. All prices are in Danish kroner, DKK. MOBILEPAY 611996

3. Delivery
Tickets are delivered by e-mail following the online link (see ticket link). Otherwise customers can contact the festival to make purchases for larger groups (info@spokendance.dk). You can also pay by transferring the ticket price over mobilePay – please contact us if any question should arise. When purchasing the ticket, the terms of service are accepted by the customer. There is no possibility to exchange or return purchased tickets. The festival disclaims any responsibility in connection with the ticket supplier’s technical problems.

Ticket Supplier: TICKETBUTLER


4. Responsibility
There is no exchange or return policy. ONLY if an activity is cancelled users can get their money back.

5. Return
No returns for purchased tickets – unless an activity is cancelled.

6. Data Processing
The Festival processes buyers’ information responsibly and will not disclose any information or parts thereof to any third party. After the festival, customer information will be deleted unless customers consent that the organisation may retain the information for use in connection with upcoming events.

7. Complaints
The customer can complain in relation to the trade to the pertinent organs, all of which are associated with special consumer rights directives, which have been implemented in Danish law by the EU’s Consumer Agreement Act, and where harmonised rules for consumer purchases exist in the EU.

8. Contact
In case of technical problems with the ticket purchase, customers are welcome to contact hello@ticketbutler.io. If you have any questions about the festival, please send an e-mail to info@spokendance.dk

9. Changes
The festival’s trading conditions will remain unchanged. Any eventual changes will be announced on the festival’s web and social media.

10. Law and venue
Disputes and others legal cases are handled under Danish law in the Copenhagen District Court.

UPDATED 13 Sept. 2022